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This is the Software Evaluation Center's online service. If you need help with selecting business software or if you need to know how to evaluate software applications using our rubric method of selection and comparison of criteria feel free to use our free spreadsheet.

(Software Checklist: find, evaluate, compare and select any software application here ensuring you select "Best of Breed" Software)


Software Evaluation and Selection

Evaluating software applications with a rubricSoftware Selection can become an emotive issue in some companies. Those tasked with finding software or those involved in the selection and comparison process or software requirements specification often base their choice on the fact that they like "the look" of a particular application.

With the range of features available in modern business software this is the wrong approach. Your process of selecting software must be measured and scientific using appropriate criteria. You must create a checklist of the features that you require and check to ensure that the applications you are considering can effectively provide them.

Your decision on enterprise software applications can seriously affect the way you run your company. Get it wrong and the consequences of failure could be very serious. There have been recorded instances of failed business or ERP software implementations actually causing companies to go into liquidation.

SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) must be able to tell the business software vendors exactly what they want because their expectations may differ from what is actually being offered as a solution. We offer you one way of ensuring that your software requirements are clearly defined and that your choice is based on these requirements.

You can use our sample software evaluation form and free spreadsheet checklist for comparing and evaluating your business and ERP applications. There are no annoying registration forms that require you to submit all your personal details before you get access to it.

The Evaluation Form gives you decision support and takes the subjectivity out of your business software purchase. It ensures that all the criteria and factors that are important to you are compared or weighted to reflect this and to ensure that you choose the "best of breed software" that best matches your requirements.


How do you Specify the Criteria?

It's really quite straightforward. This website includes an embedded software evaluation checklist on a spreadsheet. It lists lots of the criteria that are common to all software applications and which you should be checking for suitability. It also includes fields that allow you to enter your own details for each of the applications you are considering.

If you want to compare ERP systems, business systems, management systems, accounting or payroll software applications the spreadsheet can be used for any of these systems.

Software Comparison Matrix (Rubric)

Your comparison spreadsheet is basically a matrix - a software comparison tool. It allows you to provide a weighting factor for the standard criteria and also for specific features you may want to include yourself. A weighting factor is used to ensure that the criteria that are important to you are correctly scored according to their weight of importance.

software selection spreadsheetI will confess that I am no expert in the evaluation of all types of software applications and individual requirements make it difficult to provide a method that suits everyone. Our spreadsheet gets pretty close to this.

That's also why user defined fields are provided on the spreadsheet. They let you include scoring on any additional, specific features that are of importance to you.

You may also want to look at the information on finding, comparing and selecting business software systems through the links on the right.

For example if you are seeking to find and evaluate CAD software 3D modeling may be important. You can add this to the list of features to be evaluated. There are a few user defined fields available but should you require your own copy of the spreadsheet you can purchase a copy here.

If you are evaluating content management software or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) you may be particularly interested in its capability of being integrated to other systems, for example your ERP Software or a financial or accounting system. If you are interested in ecommerce one of your main priorities may be the inventory software it includes or its stock control functionality.

With our Software Evaluation Spreadsheet (rubric system) you can create your software requirements specification and evaluate any business application you choose.




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