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man choosing softwareOur Software Requirements Specification Website was created by an independent, UK Based CMMS consultant.

The spreadsheet was born as a tool to be used in specifying a specific type of plant maintenance software package (CMMS Software).

This proved to be very successful and it was apparent that the same principles could be applied in the specification of most kinds of software. A standardized version of this was then developed for this purpose.

I am not an expert in the selection of these other packages such as ERP software, Business software and Manufacturing software. There are however common factors involved in all software requirements specifications and evaluations and it is these I have included on the specification spreadsheet.

It is also my intention to build up a database of good software specification resources that have been recommended to me by others so if you know of any good websites or other resources let me have the details and I will list them.

This is a 100% free service. If you want to evaluate your software please go right ahead. There are no hidden charges.

If our software evaluation spreadsheet meets your expectations and you use it to help select your software package all we ask is that you consider making a small DONATION . $20 is recommended but you can DONATE whatever you like.

Let me emphasise that no pre-registration is required so if you don't want to donate anything we won't even know that you've been here!

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