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targeted advertising space for softwareHighly targeted advertising space is available here, on this website for your company.

The software evaluation website was designed and promoted to specifically to get found on the search engines when people search for specific types of business software.

If you sell enterprise management software, ERP software or accounting and financial software we can place your advertisement on a suitable space on this website. You choose the page.

We don't make any claims to have millions of page views every day but then who does in this business?

We generate the vast majority of our traffic from people who are seeking to evaluate and compare software packages. This means that they are not just fooling around.

They are in the market for a software package and are potential buyers of your products.


What we do have is people finding this website using terms like...

The table below shows an actual snapshot of our traffic from our website statistics for the last six months of 2009.

Software advertising keywords

Software advertising space is available in slots of three months to 12 months at a price designed to suit your company.

If you would like to advertise your software applications on this website just get in touch with us telling us what you require and we will offer you a reasonable quote.

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