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Asset Management Software Evaluation (Including CMMS Software)

Asset Management and CMMS software imageAsset management software evaluation is probably as complex, if not even more complex process than that for accounting software. There are so many asset management applications available and vendors do not seem to have standardized on the features that are included in these applications.

It is difficult to decide what features you want when sometimes you don't even know what is available. The only advice I can give is to ensure that you know what you are trying to achieve then ASK for it. With today's software there is little that cannot be done. The only limiting factor is cost.

What is Asset Management Software?

Bear in mind that the term "Asset Management" is itself ambiguous. Some people use it to refer to the process of managing asset data for accounting purposes. Others think of it more as a referring to asset maintenance that is as used to manage assets or equipment with respect to maintenance.

Still others look on Asset management as an all encompassing term used to describe EAM software or Enterprise Asset Management Software, which includes elements of both the accountant's and the maintenance manager's view of asset management.

Asset Management or Maintenance Management?

Asset Management software is also sometime confused with Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), which is used to control plant maintenance in factories and Facilities Management Software which is used to control maintenance in commercial buildings.

If you arrived here seeking information about CMMS systems then our associated business, Perspective CMMS provides comprehensive information on CMMS and Facilities Management software. We can also provide downloadable CMMS software demos from several different vendors.

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