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Finding, Evaluating and Selecting Business Software

Business Software Evaluation (Choosing your Business Application)

team evaluating business softwareBusiness software can take many formats including some that have already been described in other pages of this site such as software for Accounting, Contact Management, Database Software and Inventory and Payroll. You may even want to go down to the level of generic stuff like Office Suites that handle Databases, Spreadsheets, Word Processing and Graphics.

When trying to find and select business software bear in mind that inputs will be required from more than the person or persons who are responsible for actually buying the software.

Involve the end users and ensure that you have fully defined your requirements. Making the right decisions when selecting Health and Safety Software, COSHH or Risk Assessment Software is obviously also very important.

Having the right software in place can help to ensure that your business is compliant with H&S, Risk Assessment and COSHH regulations. You can use this spreadsheet to help you select these.

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