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Our Software Vendor Evaluation service is 100% free so unfortunately we cannot answer support enquiries for our software selection spreadsheet. Similarly, if you purchase a copy it will be provided as a freely editable MS Excel spreadsheet. contacting Software Evaluation

You can change this as required to suit your specific software selection process so we cannot support this beyond ensuring functionality as delivered.

If you know how to use simple spreadsheets then you should be able to change it to suit you own software evaluation requirements.

We would recommend that you make a backup copy of the spreadsheet before making any changes to it. This will allow you to revert back to the original at any time.

That said you must bear in mind that the spreadsheet is © and it is strictly for your own use. It must not be distributed or forwarded to anyone else for the purposes of a separate software selection process.

If you do need to get in touch with us for any other reason you may do so by emailing us on ...

We would also appreciate any feedback that you have to offer. Tell us about your experience with the evaluation spreadsheet and suggest how it can be improved.


This is a 100% free service. If you want to evaluate your software vendors please go right ahead. There are no hidden charges.

If our software vendor evaluation spreadsheet meets your expectations and you use it to help select your software package all we ask is that you consider making a small DONATION. $20 is recommended but you can DONATE whatever you like.

Let me emphasise that no pre registration is required so if you don't want to donate anything we won't even know that you've been here!

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