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Ecommerce software selection is a complex process that requires you to carefully research the required features before finding and selecting the best software for your ecommerce project.


There are several main features to be considered in ecommerce software vendor selection such as:

chevron Inventory Management (How you control your inventory)
chevron Order Management (How you control and process orders)
chevron Customer Management ( How you control the information about your customers)
chevron Supplier Management (How you control the information about your suppliers)
chevron Product Management (How you display and control your products)
chevron Publishing (Uploading your website to your hosting Space)

These can be broken down into the following (in alphabetical order) ...

When you have completed the generic factors for your Ecommerce Software Selection you can have a look at the list above and choose the items that are of importance to you for scoring. Add these to the Software Evaluation spreadsheet and commence your software comparison.

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