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What is ERP Software?

erp software searchERP is a generic term for Enterprise Resource Planning Software. It covers a range of activities for improving business efficiency across a number of departments in an organisation or enterprise.

These departments may include manufacturing, sales, marketing, purchasing, production planning, inventory control, shipping and distribution and even maintenance through a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

evaluating erp and manufacturing SoftwareERP Software is designed to integrate all of the above activities within a single computerised ERP system.

Rationally a business or manufacturing plant will have several computer systems running their enterprise.

They will have one in the warehouse controlling the movement of materials, another handling finance and accounts, another for payroll with perhaps others for HR, purchasing and the maintenance department.

Checking ERP Software optionsERP software is therefore very complex and arguably the most difficult software application to select. Choosing and implementing your ERP system will affect just about everyone in an organisation. They all have to learn how to use the new software systems and quite often this leads to ... shall we say ... a lack of enthusiasm for its introduction.

When finding and selecting ERP software the following main functions should be considered ...

When using the Spreadsheet for ERP Software Comparison consider the above ERP functions and how they will be applied in your organisation. Remember also that the software evaluation spreadsheet allow you to add your own evaluation factors to the list provided.

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Finding ERP Vendor Reports on Bitpipe
ERP white papers, product literature, webcasts, and case studies.

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