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Educational Software Evaluation Forms

educational software form illustrationThe Internet contains many resources for the evaluation of educational software as well as several ready to use evaluation forms. We do not profess to be experts in the evaluation of educational software and we feel that this should be left in the hands of those who are.

You can however use our Software Evaluation Form for the evaluation of educational software by inserting your own criteria.

If you know what you want from your educational programs then the spreadsheet will allow you to plug in your own selection criteria and help you to make the right choice.

Alternatively you can have a look at some of the Internet resources listed below. You can even use the other sites to help you find the specific educational software criteria that will help you to make an informed choice. Please note that we make no claims on the validity or relevance of the information you will find on these independent sites, which have no links to the Software Evaluation website.

Advice on the selection of children's software.

Rubrics for Evaluating Educational Software

The Process of Evaluating Educational Software and its Effect on Learning

Educational Software Section on Wikipedia

Education World Educator Software Product Evaluation

Evaluetech Evaluation Review Criteria

Educational Software Evaluation tools from Eduscape

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